Assurance Plan


Winter Warmth Assurance Plan

We are proud to offer a 10 Year Extended Assurance Plan on all GAS Boilers, both STEAM and HOT WATER.

Comfort You Can Count On.

When you buy a Burnham Hydronics boiler, you get more than heat. You also get the assurance of having one of the most reliable boilers you can buy. Now, Burnham and Lynbrook Plumbing and Heating are able to offer you added assurance with the most comprehensive buyer protection program in the industry, Burnham’s Winter Warmth Assurance (WWA). Consider the added benefits Winter Warmth Assurance offers carefully – we’re sure you’ll find it to be the best deal in home heating available.

Benefits that make Winter Warmth Assurance an Outstanding Value.

• Blanket Protection: WWA pays 100% of the cost for qualified repairs, through our 10 year Winter Warmth Assurance plan. Winter Warmth Assurance covers all qualified repairs including all parts listed as standard equipment. We even have a plan available that covers other system parts that are not supplied by Burnham. Either way you’ll be covered if you need repairs.
• Comprehensive Parts Coverage: WWA extends the standard one-year warranty on all boiler parts to ten years. This includes pumps, all controls, all electrical systems, oil burners, and gas valves.
• Comprehensive Labor Coverage: In addition to protection on all parts supplied by Burnham, Winter Warmth Assurance also covers all labor charges associated with replacing those defective parts. Your Home Heating Team dealer files the claim with us and we handle the rest. You pay nothing.
• Added Home Value: In the event you decide to sell your home, you can transfer your Winter Warmth Assurance to any potential buyer for a nominal fee. This adds to your home’s sale value, something you can’t do with the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Since the boiler is one of the key assets to your home’s sales appeal. Burnham’s standard product warranty is not transferable.
• Reliable Service: WWA repairs are performed by a contractor you know – the company that did the original installation and provides your routine maintenance. If a problem occurs during the WWA coverage period, just call your Home Heating Team contractor. They’ll take care of the rest.

What Products Quality for Winter Warmth Assurance.

All residential boilers with a rated input up to 300,000 BTUH are qualified provided they are installed in a single or a two-family residence. All standard equipment is covered. Additional coverage, for other system system components that were not supplied by Burnham with your boiler, can be purchased to cover virtually your entire heating system. Commercial installations do not qualify.

The Important Role of Regular Maintenance.

Winter Warmth Assurance is an extended product warranty, not a service contract, and it does not cover the cost for annual maintenance or boiler cleaning. However, your installer may provide “service contracts” to cover these very important service functions, as a supplement to your Winter Warmth Assurance extended warranty.

Burnham recommends that you have your boiler inspected and serviced annually, or as necessary, to make certain your Burnham boiler runs smoothly, safely, and provides the comfort, efficiency and reliability you deserve.

The Surest Deal in Home Heating.

Winter Warmth Assurance is a great deal offered by Lynbrook Plumbing and Heating. Their experience in the business enables them to recommend and install the right boiler for your family and home. Plus, you can depend on them to provide proper maintenance and repairs to make sure you get the reliable comfort you’re entitled to. Winter Warmth Assurance – the surest deal in home heating.